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mPBX Dial Tone Access (DISA)

Dial tone access object usage

Dial Tone Access is an object which allows outside callers to dial into mPBX and obtain an internal dial tone. This will allow users to dial in, from external numbers and make an outbound call displaying the office caller ID.

Let's get started 

First, you will need to login to your customers billing portal to follow this article.

If you have not yet, please proceed to our website and login. 
Locate the mPBX tab , should be up top near the logo.


Please note

It is assumed that a simple call flow is already created, or you do understand how to create one.

In this guide we will only discuss how to configure dial tone access (DISA).

If any assistance is needed with other objects demonstrated in this article, please refer to the other mPBX guides. 


Locate DISA  on the left hand side in the mPBX menu. 

Drag & drop the object to the main mPBX call flow screen. 

The DISA object will be highlighted in red, meaning it is ready to be configured.

Now we shall configure the object by clicking the gear  icon. 


The component settings window will now appear, and you will need to enter in the following values. 

Name: Input whatever name you would like. I would simply put in "Access" for this example. 

PIN code: This one is rather important, this PIN will be asked by the system to access mPBX when you call the DISA object.

It is very important that you only provide this PIN to authorized users only.

You will not be able to input a PIN yourself due to security limitations, simply press the reset button until you have a PIN you like the look of.

Caller ID: In this field you will need to set the callerID that you would like to display when the remote user calls into mPBX to place an outbound call. 

Usage examples

Voice menu is the most common way to implement the DISA object. 

Whenever (9) is pressed, you can access the Dial tone access object. 
Please note, you would only tell authorized users about this option as it would not be included in your voice menu greeting for security reasons. Once this secret option is entered, mPBX will allow the user to enter in the PIN that you have set, getting an outside line. 

Dedicated DID

If you are requiring a more simple configuration without the use of a voice menu, order an additional DID dedicated for your DISA object. Supply this DID number to your authorized users and once dialled will allow them to enter the PIN and gain access to an outside line. 


Important notice

Do not forget to click the  button, so that your changes are applied and live. 

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