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mPBX Call Diversion

Call diversion object usage

Call diversion (call forwarding), is a mPBX object which enables you to forward or redirect your incoming calls to an alternate external number(s), which may be, a mobile number or landline number. 

Please note

When using the call diversion object calls are charged to your Primary Account Number which has the same rates as the Company Starter user plan. To include the call in your user plan you would need to create the diversion from inside the user object. 

Let's get started 

First login to your customer portal, navigate to the mPBX tab  and locate the call diversion object  on the left inside mPBX features menu.

Drag & drop the object to the main mPBX call flow screen.

An inbound number and user object have been already configured.

To configure an inbound number simply drag & drop the object to the mPBX call flow screen, configure the object by pressing the settings icon , select the number you wish to use from the available numbers, then press the select arrow  to allocate the number to the included numbers selection.

To configure your user object please refer to the user object guide -

When we drop a call diversion object to the mPBX call flow screen you will see it is highlighted in red. We will now we need to configure the component's settings of this object, then we will be ready to connect the call diversion object to our current call flow. 

Click on the settings icon , a new window will appear as shown below.

Now we will need to configure the external number(s) to divert the calls to. To add an external number(s), press the button and then input the number(s) you wish to divert the inbound calls to. Don't forget to input a description for the object into the name field. Next you will be able to select from two ring modes for your external number(s) 

Hunt: Will ring each number in sequence by the amount specified by the ring slider. In hunt mode you can specify different ring length for each number. 
Ring all: Will ring all numbers together at the same time, for the amount of time configured in the time slider. 

Press  to apply changes to the call diversion object. 

Lastly, to finish the configuration we will need to connect the call diversion object to our call flow, drag a link from the object you wish to place the call diversion from. This is shown below, in our example we have connected the call diversion from an inbound number and an overflow from a user object. 

Important notice

Do not forget to click the  button, so that your changes are applied and live. 

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