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mPBX Virtual Conference Room

Conference object usage

The conference object is a feature which allows you to create a virtual conference room and invite multiple participants to join. As many participants can join the conference, as long as you have no channel limitation on your inbound numbers.

In order to include the virtual conference room in your call flow, you need to take the conference object and link it to the needed inbound number(s) of your choice.

There is no license required for a conference object. Once connected to an inbound number(s), you will be able to allow people from the outside to dial this number and join the conference.

For users inside your organization, you will be able to add an internal number. This will allow them to call the configured number to join and also transfer callers to the conference internally.

To configure an internal number, you should select the internal number object and link it to the conference object. After that, users inside your system can join the conference by simply dialling this short internal number.

Now you will need to configure the conference object, which is very simple. There are a few things you need to enter.

name, join PIN, record conference, send recordings to email, quite mode, announce user account, announce user join or leave, and music on hold. 

Name: A description for the conference.

Join PIN: This is used for security purposes. The PIN will need to be entered by each participant in order to be allowed to join the conference.

Record conference: Should you require to record the conference, just tick this checkbox.

Send recordings to email: Is the email address(s) where the recordings are sent to.

Quite mode: Will allow the participants to join or leave the virtual conference room without notification for the rest of people in the conference.

Announce user account: Allows for the number of participants in the conference to be played back to all members.

Announce user join or leave: Will ask each participant to record their name when joining. This name also will be played to everyone already in the conference.

Music on hold: Is the music played when there is only one person in the virtual conference room.

Joining the conference room

The first, is via the inbound phone number(s) you have configured to the conference object. 

The second, is by dialing the internal number. This will only work for users configured inside your mPBX however, you can allow for users to transfer external callers into the conference in the same way they transfer between users. 



Important notice

Do not forget to click the  button, so that your changes are applied and live. 

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