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mPBX Caller ID Prefixes


Caller ID, also called calling line identification(CLI) is a VoIP telephone service
that transmits a caller's telephone number to the called party's device.
The caller ID service may include the transmission of CNAM.
CNAM is an acronym which stands for Caller ID Name. 
CNAM can be used to display the calling party's name alongside the phone number, to help users easily identify a caller.

CallerID Prefix object works in conjunction with CNAM by adding prefix to it.
This feature would help to identify numbers faster, assists with filtering of calls.

Additional information - a prefix will be added in front of received number (caller ID).  
You can input almost anything you want - number(s), symbol(s), letter(s), and of course a mix of those. 

Get started 

Locate CallerID prefix field on left inside in the objects list .
Pull and Drag the object to the main mPBX screen. Object should appear highlighted in red, as it is not configured yet.

Now we shall configure the object to our needs. 
Press a gear button  to open object's settings. New window, called Component settings, will pop up.

Insight to Settings 

Name field: 
Nothing special in here, simply put whatever you want to help identify this object in your call flow. 
Prefix field: 
To simply put it - when call reaches your device, you will see usual caller ID, however now caller
ID will include this prefix in it.
Input details you wish to be shown in-front of the number (Caller ID), as a unique prefix,
passing through this block.Whatever is written in here will be shown before the number shown on your phone.
As it was previously mentioned, almost any symbol(s), letter(s), number(s) and mix could be used.
If you input "Call from the office:" inside the field, it will be shown as number prefix displayed on your phone. 

That is how it will look like on Bria:

On Yealink, prefix is changed to "Office:"

Alert info field:
Alert is used to play a special selected ringtone for some of received calls which include alert in them.
It can be used with some SIP devices where it is customizable, where it could be configured. 
You can input either same text you've used for prefix field or something else. 

Internal text in Yealink settings should be identical to the Alert info input in the mPBX.
In the example above a distinctive ring tone will be played whenever the received call includes any of those internal ringer texts(alerts) inside of it. 

Setup example:

"Work:" prefix will appear in-front of the number, alert to trigger special ringtone on your device will be "w".
It should like below inside your mPBX's Component settings.

In Yealink it will look like below. You can choose any ringtone from default ringtones on your phone, additional could be uploaded to your phone.
Note: Format should be: wav, mono channel, 8000 Hz, 16 Bit. To upload open web-interface of your phone, navigate Settings -> Preferences -> Upload ringtone

Where to use:

This object can be used after  Inbound number,  Internal number,  Voice menu,  CallerID routing.
This would greatly assist identifying calls faster in complex call flows, or could be simply used for convenience.  
Some call flow examples will be presented below to showcase the usage.

Do not forget to hit    in order to save and apply updated call flow. 

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