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mPBX add Skype for business account

Skype for Business can be used as an endpoint or device within the mPBX call flow however, the license must be hosted within our infrastructure. Currently it is not possible to use an Office 365 subscription with mPBX, but this is something that may be available in future deployments. 

To create a Skype for Business user login to your customer portal and select the order services tab, located at the top of the screen. Add a new user on the mPBX side tab and then navigate to the Skype for business section on the left hand side. 

Once you have navigated to the Skype for business tab you can either add your own domain or select the default domain we offer. If you plan to use your own domain, it is very important to add and activate this domain first, before attempting to add new accounts.

If you are adding your own domain please consult your DNS manager and add the required records located on the verify DNS button.

Once your domain has been verified, you can start creating new Skype for business and Exchange users.

Lastly, make sure that the checkbox 'Skype for Business' is ticked. If you don't plan to use Exchange, untick this option. Now login to your mPBX call flow manger and add your newly created Skype for business accounts to your call flow. 

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