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What is BLF(blf) and how to configure it

What is BLF?

BLF or busy lamp fields show the status of other users phones (busy, ringing, available) connected to the phone system. To use the BFL feature your phone needs to support it. Basic phones like the Yealink SIP T19P do not have any BLF buttons but the Yealink SIP-T41P and up support BLF. Most IP phones use multi colour LEDs to indicate the status of another phone and some display the status on the screen. BLFs can also be used to call other users by pushing the BLF button.

BLF and Pickups

Our phone system also allows pickup of the phones of other users. This way you can pickup calls from your users when they are not available. Pickups can be combined with BLF. When the phone of another users is ringing, this is indicated by a blinking BLF on your phone, you can pickup the phone by pressing the BLF button on your phone.

How to configure BLF (Based on Yealink phones)

  1. Login to the web interface of your phone: To obtain the IP address, press the OK key on the phone. Enter the IP address (e.g. or in the address bar of web browser on your PC. The default user name is admin(case-sensitive) and the password is admin(case-sensitive)
  2. Select the DSSKey tab at the top of the page
  3. Find the key you wish to set as the BLF, normally this would be one that is prefilled with N/A
  4. Change Type to BLF
  5. Change Value to the user ID in mPBX (not the device ID)
  6. Label can be anything you like, this is what will display on the phone
  7. Line is normally Line1 unless you have multiple lines on your phone.
  8. Extension should just be set to ** to enable remote pickup. See example below


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