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Local Phone directory usage

The built-in phone directory stores the names and phone numbers of your contacts on most of our phones. You can store up to 300 contacts in your phone's local directory. You can add, edit, delete or search for a contact in the local directory. You can also dial a contact from the local directory. The below directions were written for yealink phones but the process is similar on other phones.

Adding contacts

1. Press Dir->Local Directory.

2. Select the desired contact group (For example, select Contacts).

3. Press the Add soft key.

4. Enter the Name and the Office, Mobile or Other numbers.

5. Press left or right or the Switch soft key to select the desired account from the Account field. If Auto is selected, the phone will use the first available account when placing calls to the contact from the local directory.

6. Press left or right or the Switch soft key to select the desired ring tone from the Ring Tones field.

7. Press the Save soft key to accept the change or the Back soft key to cancel.

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