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How to configure Bria on iOS devices(iPhone/iPad) and Android smartphones

Introduction to Bria

 is one of the most enhanced VoIP softphone apps on the market, and Counterpath's flagship product. 
Bria is not free, but is fully loaded with features, which also make it a bulky application that is quite heavy on resources, battery life in particular.
However, you can test it, as one week free trial is given for free. Bria is aimed as a complete replacement for the hardware phone with all its features. 
Bria’s interface is quite nice and intuitive, you can easily figure it out. It's rather customisable.
Installation and configuration are fairly straightforward, and since Bria is paid software,
there is and will be a continued support for it, so you should not worry about technical issues.
VoIPLine urges you to use Bria for IOS phones, as other softphones currently have technical issues, in particular running on the background, while sleep mode is on.
When iPhone is locked after a while it goes into the sleeping mode, calls via Zoiper(for example) won't be received. 

Step 1: Install Bria
You can download the Bria app directly through your iPhone using Apple's App Store, via iTunes store for your PC, and via Google's Play Store for Android. The Bria app costs $9.99 as of the time of this writing. After the app is installed on your phone, open it. The popup should appear asking you to select a provider. 
On this screen, under User-Defined Generic Accounts, choose  VoIP (SIP) – Calling, like on the picture presented below. 
In order to add secondary account press + sign in the Accounts section.

Step 2: Add SIP account, input user details

In this step you will now be adding the details for your new account, and will need
your specific credentials information from the  mPBX's SIP devices section .

Example of the SIP device details:

Account Name: Give the account an appropriate name, anything you see fit (this is particularly helpful if you have multiple accounts registered within Bria). Usually, people use the name as in SIP device name inside mPBX. Example: Max Softphone, now in Bria it is VoIPLine office. 
Display As: Leave this value unchanged.
Username: Enter the SIP login details from the SIP devices section within mPBX. For example above it would be 837431.
Password: Enter the password from the SIP devices section within mPBX. Please, be careful, input all the values correctly, as after more then 3 unsuccessful attempts your IP will be blocked for 15 minutes. Though, your IP is automatically unblocked after 15 minutes.
Note: this value has nothing to do with the password you use to log into your customer account interface(billing) and is entirely separate.
Domain: Enter the domain as shown in the SIP devices section.

Enter supplied SIP details, press Save.

New Account will be shown in the Disabled section. Press  to open the account. 

When the above credentials are entered, tap the Enabled button , and the account should register with our service.  
Status should be changed to Registering, and if all the details were entered correctly, registration will be successful. 
At this point, your app screen should look like on the picture below.

Account statuses can be:
Not Registered
2. Registered
3. Registering...

When your account is registered, SIP device status should be changed to online, like it is shown below.

Please note, that if you need to make changes to the account, you will either need to press on Unregister button,
or you will need to disable the account by tapping the  button.
Enabling/Disabling is a preferred method. 
Then make your changes and re-enable when done.

Common error(s):

The error '408 Request Timeout' indicates that the you are not receiving any response from the VoIPLine server, to which you are trying to connect.
This can happen if your request does not reach Bria or us, connection issue, try using stable wi-fi connection.
Another cause for this error may be incorrect server information (password, domain) entered in your SIP account. Double check this information and try to connect again. 
Another possible cause is that a restrictive firewall or router can block the request to, or response from the server. Please ensure that Bria is a permitted application through all firewalls and routing devices in your network and operating system.

Multiple SIP accounts

When you have multiple accounts on your Bria softphone, you can set a primary one for outgoing calls. Outgoing calls are going to use the selected account (primary) by default.

Primary account is indicated by the green arrow icon pointing on it.
It can be changed by simply pressing on the desired account.

You can also see which account is selected in the main phone  tab, primary account could also be changed there by pressing green phone icon .

In the phone tab (dial section) on the upper side of you screen you should see something like on the picture above. It is an Account status and Primary SIP account bar.
Your phone should show - Ready, if not registered - Not Registered status is shown. Below is show which account is used, now VoIPLine office is in use. 

Account Status:
The account is in the process of registering.
The account is enabled and registered for incoming and outgoing calls.
 The account is enabled only for outgoing calls (accounts-account advanced-incoming calls is turned off)
 The account is disabled (you can enable it, it will then automatically register).
 The account is enabled but registration failed (check if credentials were entered correctly)
 /  This means that Push is Enabled.
When it is disabled indicator above usual circle are not visible.
 This account is disabled, Push on it us enabled. Open it to enable. 
 This account is not registered, but it is enabled. Usually it happens when Unregister button was used. 

Delete an account
In the Accounts section find undesired account, then swipe left on that account. The delete button appears on the right , press it to remove the account from the list. 

Step 3: Preferences

Now click the Settings  icon in the bottom right, then click Preferences . In this screen, we recommend that the following be enabled:

  • Use When Available
  • Allow VoIP Calls
  • Run in Background

* Please note that Use When Available and Allow VoIP Calls will use data on your mobile network, when Wi-Fi is not available.
You can leave these options disabled if you prefer not to use mobile data. However, you won't be able to receive or make calls while on mobile network(s).

Also, be sure to give permission to Bria, when it is asked, as otherwise notifications won't work. Moreover contacts won't be synchronized(displayed), and other features won't be available or won't work properly. 
If you accidentally pressed NO when a popup appeared, you can change the permission settings under IOS settings - Notifications - Bria
Set alert style (Banners) to either Temporary or Persistent, the rest should be ON. Important, be sure to have Sounds ON. 

Also, be sure to give permission to enable Siri, so that interactions with Siri would be available to you. Settings - Siri & Search - Bria mobile, everything should be set to ON.
When using Siri, do not forget to add "using Bria".
Tip: Listen for "Hey Siri" feature might be useful to use Siri without pressing any buttons. 

Other preferences, settings
There are plenty of other interesting and useful features you can try. 
Forward Calls, different ringtones, changes to interface colors, and much more. 
This you may discover and try yourself. 

Dial Plan (Number Prefixes)
Set dial plans for your SIP accounts. Located inside your account settings below. Useful feature for calling international numbers.
Name: the rule name
Match Number: set an example(the pattern to be matched). Example: +4420xxxxxxxx or 020xxxxxxxx, London number.
Remove Prefix: remove prefix if the number matches the rule, we want to remove +44, remove 0
Add Prefix: prefix added to the number if the pattern matches. Example: 0044
Number To Test: input number for testing.
Resulting number to dial: result from following your rules. 

Pause dialing
When you know that there will be an IVR (interactive voice response), and you know what menu items to choose, you can include those menu items (DTMF) in the phone number when you dial it. 

  • ; (semicolon) should be present in the end
  • you must include pause - at least one comma (,) before first IVR input. One comma equals one second delay.
  • commas (,) could be used between inputs too

Dial number 61 1300 864 754, then you know that for Sales department you should press 2.
Input should look like this: 611300864754,,,,2;
Adds 4 sec delay then press 2.
Tip: you can save numbers like that in your Contacts. 

Advanced settings
1. In advanced settings audio codecs selection for mobile and wi-fi might be worth looking into, as those can reduces the bandwidth needed for Bria calls (depends from codec quality). 
2. Account registration issues (alert in background) might need to be enabled.
3. In the media option, noise reduction could be enabled. 

Bria Push Service (Beta)

In the beta, thought, it is rather useful feature.
Bria Push allows users to receive incoming calls when Bria Mobile is in the background, or even if the app is not running(exited), UDP transport should be used for it to work.

Note: If you are running most recent iOS update and using UDP background support is enough to receive calls when Bria is in the background.

To enable it go to blobid0.pngsettings - accounts - press  icon to open SIP account settings for selected account,
then in the bottom - Account Specific Features -  Use Push, enable. 
Note: Press Enable to disable(switch off) chosen account for now, so you can make changes to it.

Congratulations, everything is up and running, Bria configuration is complete.

Bria’s interface is simple and user-friendly, you will understand it in no time.
To make calls, go to the mceclip9.png  section and start dialing, or tap in the field at the top of the app to paste a number. When finished, tap the green Connect icon below the keypad.
Also, you can dial numbers from your Contacts. The contact tab is automatically synchronized with contacts from your phone contact list. 
Bria's contacts are continually synchronized with your native contacts, meaning - modifying, adding or removing a contact from one list updates the other.

Calls: Making, Incoming, Established

To answer an incoming call, tap the Accept button.
If you do not wish to answer the call, simply press the red Decline button instead.
For iPad: 

When on the call

End & Accept: the first call is ended and a new call is answered 
Hold & Accept: the first call is put on hold and a new call is answered
Decline: the first call is continued, but the incoming one is canceled 

When device is locked:
Call notification pops up on the lockscreen. Slide to answer. Tap the iPhone power button or volume to silence the incoming call. 

Remind me: Call will be dropped, Bria sets a call reminder.

Incoming/Established calls
An incoming Bria call rings on your phone unless you are having two Bria calls, or you are on a native call already.
A new call then will be diverted to the voice mail, if one is configured.
Being on a Bria won't affect incoming native calls, those will be received in the usual manner. 
Regardless of the current Bria's state, native calls can be made.

When native call is received, any current Bria call will be put on hold. Calls on the Bria will be available after you finish(end) native call.
Moreover, you can only take Bria call off hold after native call is finished, or declined. 
If you are already on Bria call and am incoming native call is received, you won't be able to hear an existing Bria call until you answer or decline the incoming native call.
Two Bria calls can be established at the same time, you can switch between those.   

Handling Established Call

mute or unmute the active call 
Hold: hold or release hold on the active call
Add call: place a second phone call
Speaker: enable or disable speakerphone for the current session, or choose other audio output if possible. To use a bluetooth device - Use Bluetooth under Preferences must be turned on.
Keypad: Tap to show a keypad in order to enter numbers (useful for IVRs)

  • Start recording: start recording the audio of the active call
  • Call statistics: view live call statistics. This is a shortcut to Settings - Advanced set. - Call Statistics.
  • Transfer: this feature will redirect current inbound call to another number. Attended and unattended transfers are available.
    Attended: Press hold - add call - enter the number through dial pad or use your contact list - tap more then Transfer to (person who waits on hold)
    Unattended: Press more - transfer - dial, choose from contacts or even history
  • Start video: add video to an audio call, if it is possible

If you are having two calls you can swap between those by pressing  Swap Calls.
Bria places current call on hold and connect a new one.
You can also merge  and split  calls by pressing a new button which would appear instead of add call .


Android devices   

Bria app on Android devices works pretty much the same as on iOS.
There are few minor changes in the interface, but overall everything stays the same.
Interface is rather intuitive, so understanding and learning it won't be a problem. 
None of the differences are substantial enough to mention, but some are anyway listed below. 

Interface itself - Dial pad (home screen) is presented below.
Not much is changed. Navigation tabs on the Resource Panel are a bit different, but icons are almost identical.
Moreover, those icons are used for the same purpose. 

Additional feature on Android devices is that Bria also uses phone buttons for navigation.

           Back, Home, Overview.
More button is used to exit. 

Creating SIP account
There is no save button. Just press back/return in order to save.  
To disable/enable your account simply press this near chosen account, located on the right side. 
To see a delete option, long press the desired account. 

Multiple SIP accounts
Primary account is indicated by the green dot icon on the left now.
Primary account can be changed by long pressing the chosen account, new window should open, press Set as primary to make changes. See example below.

You can also see which account is selected in the main phone  tab, primary account could also be changed there by pressing green phone icon .

Push Enabled
On Android indicator is grey  if disabled, and green  when the feature is used.

Handle incoming calls

By dragging the Incoming call icon to the right - the call will be accepted, to the left declined. 

Handling Established Call
It is rather the same as on the iOS.

Thought call reminder option is only available when you decline a call. 

An icon will appear in the upper left corner .
You can see the details by pressing on it, also it will be shown in notification center. 







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