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mPBX Email notifications

Use email notifications feature to send email message to selected email account(s) about specific activities in the system, such as updates about call(s) reaching specific objects. This may also be of use to stay updated with unanswered calls, before those calls reach voicemail for example.

Email notifications allow you to specify:

  • When to send the notification (after which object)
  • Who receives the notification (emails specified) 
  • What content is in the notification (date and time, caller ID and a comment written by you) 

Configuring that is fairly simple. Go into your . Drag and Drop  object into the main mPBX screen.
Such object should appear on your screen:

Now we need to configure that. Press the gear button  in the right corner, a window will open. 

Explanation of the fields inside the Component settings

  • Name: object name would be changed to a selected name 
  • Emails: press Add email to add people who would receive this notification|
  • Subject: this text will appear in the subject section of the email sent 
  • Message: body of the email sent to you by this email notification feature 

    Tip: you can use a few variables in subject or message body to get caller ID or date and time of a call.
    For caller ID: {callerid}
    For time/date: {time}

You can configure everything to your needs. Input custom subject and body of the message. 

Configuration example:
Email would be sent with a text: 
                                                in the Subject area - Missed call from (caller ID)
                                                in the Body - Customer (caller ID) called at (time and date) 
Entries should look like

Such email should arrive almost instantly after call is dropped:

Now simply drop Email notifications object after Call Queue or Ring group, and enjoy the service. 

Please do not forget to hit  button. 

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