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Porting Numbers into VoIPLine

This article describes the process of porting your existing numbers with another service provider to VoIPline Telecom.


  • Log into the customer portal,
  • Click on the Porting tab up the top
  • Select Australia or Other Countries from the first drop down box
  • If you are porting a 1300 or 1800 number select 1300/1800 Numbers, to port a landline number select Local Numbers.
  • Upload a softcopy of your latest bill from your current supplier to assist the porting authority to determine the type of services in the request.
  • Complete the details in the Number Porting Application form as per your bill, note a physical address is required with the request for emergency call purposes, the port will be rejected if a PO Box is supplied.
  • Please note if you are porting a 1300/1800 smartnumber, enter the details submitted when ordering through the numbering system. So, the losing carrier would be ACMA and the account number would be the email address used when purchasing. 
  • For a CAT A request put the number to port in the number to be ported section and your preferred cut over day.  For a CAT C request you can add multiple numbers to the one request, up to 100.  These can be in a range of numbers or single numbers not in a range.  Change the drop down box to CAT C and then enter the first number, or the single number on the left and the last number in the range or repeat the same number in case of a single number CAT C on the right hand side for each number you require to port.
  • Please read the Porting Authorization and the pricing details, if you agree to these terms click the tick box to agree to porting term & conditions and then type your full name.
  • Once the form is completed you can click the green Submit Application to submit your request to VoIPline


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