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How to configure MicroSIP with mPBX

MicroSIP is a popular open-source softphone for Windows that offers a lightweight approach. MicroSIP can be configured to be used with one or several accounts.

Installing and configuring MicroSIP on Windows;

  1. Open MicroSIP Download Page

    Open the MicroSIP download page in your browser

  2. Download MicroSIP Lite

    Download the Lite installer - named Micro SIP-Lite-X.x.x.exe (The portable installation is not covered in this document)

  3. Install MicroSIP Lite

    Run the installer, clicking next at the prompts, and allowing access at the windows firewall prompt.

  4. Get SIP Device Credentials from mPBX

    In the SIP Devices section of mPBX, make note of the SIP login and SIP password of your device.SIP-DEVICES.PNG

  5. Step Five

    Open MicroSIP and press CTRL + M to open the account configuration page (or Menu -> Add Account).
    Configure your credentials with the details below and the SIP Device credentials from the previous step. Once completed, Click Save

    Account Name Your desired display name in MicroSIP
    SIP Server
    SIP Proxy
    User SIP login from mPBX SIP Devices
    Login SIP login from mPBX SIP Devices
    Password SIP Password from mPBX SIP Devices
    Display Name Your desired display name in MicroSIP
    Media Encryption Disabled
    Transport UDP
    Public Address Auto
    Publish Presence Checked
    STUN Server
    ICE Unchecked
    Allow IP Rewrite Checked


  6. Configure Codecs

    Press CTRL + P to open the MicroSIP Settings dialog (or Menu -> Settings).
    Select the desired Ring Device, Speaker, and Microphone from the dropdown list, choosing your Headset if connected.
    In the Audio Codecs section, ensure the Available list only contains the following items, in the following order;

    G.722 16kHz
    G.711 A-law

    Click Save once finished.

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